Tigreans, first Africans to beat westerners at war fronts

#Mekelle – 03 January 2020 (#DW-TV) - Tigreans are so far the only Africans ever to beat European invaders up at various battle fields.

They have hit them hard for quite many times.

As could be learnt from history, Tigreans have for instance defeated #Italian colonizers at the battles of #Sahati, #Ambalage, #Dogali, at EMekelle and Adua (from 1-2 March).

In this regard, various writers, including Italians witness that European colonizers were beaten for the first time by Tigrean heroes and heroines under the leadership of Emperor Yohannes IV and African General, Alula Aba nega.

Yes! Many #Ethiopians may not know all these for almost all historians and elites have been deliberately teaching and telling them distorted facts and packs of lies.

The details of such facts would be issues of discussion in the coming recent weeks as now is the right time to tell and discuss about the hard truth in Ethiopian history.

Above is the monument erected at Rome to the Italian soldiers killed in Dogali.

DW-TV wishes a happy 133th anniversary of the battle of Dogali, where Tigrean fathers and mothers made glorious history.