Wolves in sheep’s clothing, working to separate inseparable siblings

#Mekelle – 03 January 2020 (#DW-TV) - The wolves in sheep’s clothing have been and are still tirelessly working to separate the inseparable #Tigrigna speaking siblings of #Tigray and Eritrea.

Tigreans yearn for their Eritrean siblings, parents and in-laws, not for Eritrean ports, islands and other resources around the red sea. This may be a bit bitter for others to accept. However, if the hard truth must be told, Tigreans very first concern is the people of Eritrea not their resources. This is a clear cut difference between the interest of Tigreans and that of others in Eritrea. For Tigray, all other things are secondary issues, even none of their business.

Eritreans and Tigreans are one people living in two different sovereign countries. They are brothers and sisters both by blood and marriage. Members of both families are descended from the same members. This is something beyond being closely tied in culture, history, religion among many others.

Hence, #Eritreans and Tigreans are not mere neighbors like other people surrounding them.

So, the fantasy of the wolves in sheep’s clothing to separate the two inseparable Tigrigna speaking people would never ever be realized.