Maychew finalizes preparation to celebrate Epiphany at Tigray level

#Mekelle- 18 January 2020 (#DWTV) – Epiphany, Timket, sometimes spelled as Timqet in Geez, literary Baptism is one of the greatest religious festivals. As to the #Orthodox Tewahedo Church, it is celebrated every year on January 19th or 20th in leap years.

Epiphany is primarily celebrated to glorify and commemorate the time during which the Ark of the Covenant rested in Axum, Tigray and the baptism of #Jesus, the #Christ in River Jordan.

When this comes to the Ethiopian context, #King #Ezana (Abraha, after baptized), one of the most prominent kings of the Axumite kingdom have been the first King to officially introduce Christianity to Ethiopia. He has been converted by #Frumentius, a former Syrian captive who was made Bishop of #Aksum (#Axum). Ezana, then declared the Axumite kingdom a Christian state.

Meanwhile, baptism was recently registered by #UNESCO to be one of Ethiopia’s intangible heritages.

In this regard, #Axum (#Tigray), as mentioned earlier, takes the lions’ share in the efforts to realize that. No one, but Axum, could provide the original documents of the holiday required by UNESCO. They could only be found in the mysterious land Axum, Tigray.

This year’s Epiphany is expected to be celebrated more colorfully than ever before for the above reasons.
In Tigray, #Maychew, the administrative seat of Southern zone of Tigray, is the city where Epiphany is celebrated at regional state level every year. Now, it has already finalized its preparations.

DWTV wishes all Christianity faith followers be blessed with gifts of love, peace and happiness on Epiphany and Always.
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